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Our Portfolio

We invest at various stages, from seed capital to mature, innovative companies with sales of less than 70 million euros, primarily in private innovative SMEs.
The goal is to create worldwide champions with the potential for strong and lasting growth by building and supporting ambitious entrepreneurial projects that pack real potential for international development.


The Fund is dedicated to contributing to the SDGs: Front-officers examine each of the ESG pillars thoroughly in order to identify the companies with the lowest ESG potential risks. Monitoring of such ESG risks and opportunities is then a necessary part of the permanent dialogue with investees in order to ensure the investee runs their activities in line with Seventure’s responsible investment policy.

As regards Seventure Partners, ESG is fully integrated into decision-making, performance appraisal, and remuneration management.


GOA Ventures sells patented turnkey fresh seaweed biorefinery solutions across the world to enable local communities to extract maximum value from proteins and other derived products.

The Sinay Hub is a unique AI-powered digital platform that gathers, analyzes, and monitors complex maritime data with applications in Environment, Logistics and more.


Graphite Innovation & Technologies offers a full range of graphene-based sustainable coating systems for the marine transportation sector.


More coming soon

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