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Powering the 
Blue Economy


What We Do

Expertise with purpose

We are committed to making impactful investments in responsibly-run businesses designed to protect, conserve and sustainably use our ocean and marine ecosystems.

We build on a comprehensive approach of the blue economy to accelerate the transition towards sustainable business models: we invest in innovative blue companies where growth relieves pressure off human activities on the Planetary Boundaries in a way that is accountable to all stakeholders. 


Partnering with innovative blue entrepreneurs at all stages of their development and supporting them on the long-term, we act for a better planet.

The Fund is committed to contributing to the SDGs: Front-officers conduct a thorough review of each of the ESG pillars in order to identify companies with the lowest ESG potential risks. 


Our Strategy

An horizon of opportunity

The fund is looking to invest in 12 to 20 companies from seed stage to mature innovative SMEs with up to 70 million Euros in sales. Average ticket size will range from 2 to 10 million Euros per company over the lifetime of the investment. The fund's strategy is to invest predominantly in Europe and opportunistically in North America, Israel, Australia, and Asia.

The fund is looking at entrepreneurs developing solutions for the blue bioeconomy (sustainable aquacultures, sustainable valorization of marine bioresources – algae and micro-organismes – for novel products and materials), blue cleantech (marine energies and sustainable hydrogen, shipping decarbonization, carbon capture, circular economy, oceans conservation), and for the digitization of the blue value chain. 

The goal is to create global champions by building and supporting ambitious entrepreneurial projects with real potential for international development and sustained growth.





Per company 


Expert advisors


The Team

World-class blue economy experts 
Isabelle de Cremoux
Pierre Erwes
Guilhem Stoll
Photo Tudy L'Ollivier_edited_edited_edit
Tudy L'Ollivier
CEO & Managing Partner of
Seventure Partners,

Chief Investment Officer (CIO) for BlueForwardFund™
Partner at Seventure, Deal Flow & Strategic Partnerships for BlueForwardFund™
& Founder of Biomarine
Senior Analyst for 
Analyst for BlueForwardFund™

Our Portfolio

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